Sunday, June 4, 2023

If I Could Turn Invisible?

Written By Divyanshi Bhargava (Grade 4)

It was a cool breezy evening. The clouds were lazily floating in the sky and it looked like it would rain soon. Birds were seen chirping all around and little squirrels were busy eating nuts. I was also having a wonderful time on my hammock when suddenly I saw a dazzling beauty coming towards me.

She was wearing a bright golden dress which had beautiful tassels hung to the side. She had long blond hair and was wearing a crown endowed with jewels. First, I thought I was imagining it but then the angel spoke to me, “Divyanshi, you are a lovely girl. I am your fairy godmother. I will grant a wish for you. You can choose whatever you want for your wish.” Then I spoke, “Fairy godmother, can you grant me the wish of becoming invisible”.

That angel gave me the power to become invisible. I became overly excited about gaining such an ability. I wanted to try it and went to the garden. I looked around, there was no one saying hi to me or even acknowledging me. I was about to call out to them but then I remembered that I was invisible. Next, I went to my house and stood in front of the mirror, but I could not see my reflection. That is when I realized that what the angel had bestowed upon me was an amazing gift.

I decided to do something naughty. A thought flashed my mind. I could hide my sister’s things without being seen! My elder sister’s friends were at home. They were sitting in her room. When I became invisible, the things I touched also became invisible. I took all the things. My sister’s friends did not understand anything as to how things were disappearing. They thought a ghost had entered the house. I laughed my lungs out. I had done something unbelievable!

Next day when I went to school, I thought I could do something with my invisibility there also. I sat on my bus to go to school. Now my mind was running faster than a supercomputer.

There was a big fat bully at school who none of the children liked. I thought that in the break of lunch, I could bully him in front of the children. I would become invisible and shout his name out loud and bully him so that the whole school would hear it. The next day when I went to school, I became invisible, I followed the bully during the lunch hour. When he came to a halt, I shouted out how he bullies people. When I finished, he looked around for the person who was shouting. He could not see anything. The teachers had also come out.  He was so scared that he confessed that he bullies in the same fashion. He was punished by the teacher. He would now never bully a person. He had learnt his lesson!

As the COVID-19 had entered India, the government had put a lockdown to keep everyone safe and India’s cases do not increase. One day in the lockdown, I desperately wanted to go out. Here I thought my invisibility could work this thing out. Next day, I wore a mask. Thank God, it became invisible too, else people would see a mask hanging in the air. When I went out, it was cool and breezy, I took a walk around, it was wonderful! I went back home and took a shower. I felt wonderful that I had gone out in the COVID-19 lockdown! 

Now, I wanted to go to see the moon and hide with an astronaut, but I felt very wet. I was drenched and felt very cold.  I woke up with a start. 

Was this a dream? Yes! This was a dream! I had fallen asleep on the hammock I was sitting on! I was now really hoping that this dream would come true. It had started to rain heavily, I ran back home, and my mother asked, “Divyanshi, why are you so late from the garden?”. 

I replied, “Mom I felt very contented and satisfied today and had the best time at the hammock”. She started looking at me with questions in her eyes…….

Featured Image Courtesy – A Plus Topper