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Importance of Science in Education

Written By Meghana Gowda KS (Grade 11)

Education plays a very significant role in this modernized nation. It enables people to know their duties and rights to do towards their country.

Science education helps students gain better knowledge of how and why things function. Everything from an atom to the entire universe has been discovered by humans. We all should learn to ask scientific questions. For everything you do, you should have answers. Why? What? When? Where? How? And then you can start your work. Science helps us to know about things outside our Earth and inside our Earth and even helps answer many mysteries.

Science is the study of the environment. Animals, chemicals, forces, plants, the Earth and other subjects are studied in several fields of science such as physics, chemistry and biology.

Have you ever wondered how we are able to sit and stand? Humans are naturally very curious beings who are interested and curious about the reasoning behind events. It is because of a great scientist Isaac Newton who discovered the gravitational force because of which we are able to sit and stand. 

Our Indian scientists and our technocrats have made fabulous achievements in the field of science, and few of them have contributed to the establishment of nuclear power stations. India has also built satellites and sent them to the moon and Mars. They are our inspiration. We should also take our country to greater heights. So, it is important for every parent that they should give their children a good education. Along with that, parents should give their children a chance to showcase their talent by allowing them to choose their profession instead of getting their children married after completing their education. By doing this what is the use of educating them? They should get the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills. Because every individual has their own talent. But the only thing is that it has to come from them.

Dr Vikram Sarabhai founded the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Some people go out of India having taken all the basic education from India and get a job in other countries just for the sake of a higher salary. But, one team stayed back in India, they worked hard day and night with low salaries, less infrastructure etc. Finally, they made the very first Indian mission to MARS successful. In the very first mission, they showed the world, evidence of water on the moon. ISRO has launched many satellites for other nations as well. Do work as worship. Don’t just get attracted to money and work for other countries. Develop India! Work for India!

In conclusion, science is very important in our life. Educate students in science which allows them to discover more and more unknown facts!

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.

Featured Image Courtesy – Scientific American Blogs

Meghana Gowda KS
Meghana Gowda KS
My name is Meghana Gowda KS. I am in 9th grade. I am studying at Sadvidya High School, Mysuru. I am 14 years old. My home is situated in Hebbal 2nd stage, Mysuru. My hobbies are sports, art and craft, essay writing, article writing, drawing.


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