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India and France’s Relationship

Written By Nischal Srinivasan (Grade 12)

At the Bastille Day Parade in the centre of Paris, world spectators looked on as a momentous event took place, showcasing the strong friendship between India and France. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the guest of honour, alongside the French President, highlighting the long-lasting India-France relationship that has been prevalent for numerous years. The visit yielded the launch of a joint announcement named “25th Anniversary of the Strategic Partnership between France and India: towards a Century of Indo-French Relations”, which proposes a meaningful plan for the bilateral affairs for the upcoming 2047.

Security and Sovereignty

Mutual cooperation in the realm of defence took precedence, with India and France reconfirming their allegiance to existing initiatives, such as fighter jets and submarines. The successful delivery of 36 Rafale aircraft for the Indian Air Force and the P75 submarine venture signify the fortified defence relationship.

Both nations committed to advancing scientific and commercial ties in space inquiry. CNES of France and ISRO of India have inked an agreement for building dual Earth perception and oceanic security satellites in the Indian Ocean that will shield Indo-French satellites while in orbit.

Progress was recorded on the 6-European Pressurized Reactors energy facility in Jaitapur, Maharashtra, indicative of a considerable stride in India’s aspiration for clean energy. The commencement of programmes on small modular reactors and advanced modular reactors holds immense potential as well.

The Indo-French roadmap for collaborative efforts in the Indo-Pacific reveals a mutual conception of security and advancement for the region. The planned Indo-French development support for third countries seeks to fund durable improvement schemes in the Indo-Pacific, advancing constancy and progression. Instant collaboration between France’s GIGN and India’s National Security Guard serves to highlight the determination to battle the global scourge of terrorism.

Integrating reality-leading electronic technology, such as supercomputing, cloud computing, AI, and quantum computing, gives both nations the guarantee that they are continually at the forefront of development.

Planet and Global Issues

France and India joined forces in order to tackle plastic contamination throughout the lifetime of plastic materials through an international accord.

An accord regarding health and medicinal treatments was recently signed, outlining the joint efforts in regards to hospitals, medical inquiry, digitalization, biotechnology, public health, and combating bacterial resistance.

The Blue Economy-Ocean Governance roadmap has opened up the opportunity for a collaborative partnership between France’s IFREMER and India’s NIOT in ocean research that promises to sustainably manage marine resources.

The French Development Agency’s money and Proparco’s contributions to the South Asia Growth Fund (SAGF III) help to advance India’s sustainable cities program and advance the transition to clean energy. This assistance, coming from two trusted sources, is integral to achieving a successful energy transition.


A goal of hosting 30,000 Indian students in France by 2030 symbolizes the dedication to educational interchange. By providing 5-year short-stay Schengen visas for Indian individuals possessing a Master’s degree from a French institution, this project is being advanced.

The implementation of a Consulate General of India in Marseille, France, and a French Bureau in Hyderabad, India, will strengthen the diplomatic relations between the two countries. This inventive move solidifies the current link between France and India, in addition to offering fresh paths of coordination and connectivity. It also facilitates the unimpeded passage of information, commerce, and services between those entities. This initiative illustrates the significance of diplomatic and consular infrastructures in encouraging harmony and collaboration between countries. Correspondingly, the installation of these consulates and bureaus is an attempt to advance the reciprocal advantages of relationship-building between nations.


India and France’s saga of amity started in 1947 and has only advanced since then. From commerce to defence, environmental collaboration to technology associations, these two countries are allied on the international arena. The ‘Horizon 2047’ itinerary pledges to make this consideration even firmer as it involves security, planet, and people, outlining the direction for an era of India-French ties. The prospects are dazzling, and joined, India and France are prepared to confront the difficulties and welcome the possibilities that await.

Featured Image Courtesy – Trade Promotion Council of India

Nischal Srinivasan
Nischal Srinivasan
My name is Nischal Srinivasan and I have a great interest in writing poems and articles. I have also published a poem named Resonating Reflections in Amazon Kindle.


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