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India and Pakistan – A Rivalry

Written By Ayanna Raj (Grade 8)

Of us, they were once a part,
But slowly we have drifted apart.

They wanted Kashmir, India’s ‘Paradise on Earth’,
They fought for it just after their birth.

Not after long, we went to war,
Separation and death were what we saw.

Eventually, the war ended,
But a cloud of rivalry now descended.

So, from the battlefield to the playground we made a shift,
This gives our competitive spirit a lift.

Since cricket is the love of both nations,
Matches between us become sensations.

We sit and watch, eyes glued to the screen,
Making sure no detail goes unseen

Every ball, every swing,
Every catch and everything.

People bring out their lucky charm,
And follow superstitions to avoid harm.

The team that wins gets ready to celebrate,
The one that doesn’t, curses its fate.

Such iconic rivals we both are,
One of the deadliest by far.

Featured Image Courtesy – The Kootneeti

Ayanna Raj
Ayanna Raj
Hi, I'm 17 years old. I love writing poetry, both for entertainment and as a way to get out how I'm feeling in words. I write about everything around me.


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