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Indian Parents

Written By Riddhima Gurnani (Grade 6)

‘What are you doing over there?!’ is the typical question in Indian houses. In India, parents are usually very nosy and always want to know what you are doing! At times you just want some privacy but at times you are happy that your nosy Indian parents are involved.

I will be working on my laptop when my father would come to give me some juicy fruits to eat and will take a good look at my screen to see what I am up to.  If I was watching a YouTube video, he’ll say ‘stop wasting your time Riddhhima!’ I really do get annoyed with them as they are a bit too involved in life. Once when my friend was getting bullied, she was scared to tell her parents but of course, her parents took a sneak peek into why she was so depressed at home. They found out why and did teach the bully a lesson and made sure to keep an eye on her. So, you see there are pros and cons of having these kinds of cheeky parents. If you live outside India and have such parents feel like you know what getting annoyed means! Indian parents may be nosy, but they care more than the gods care about us! If I tell my parents that it has been a long time since I haven’t eaten a pizza, within 20 minutes a pizza would be in front of me. Just be aware that they may care a ton, but the most dangerous parents are Indian parents! In foreign countries, there may be laws for not slapping the child but in India, every child would have gotten at least 35 slaps in their life! 

When we have our exams, our teachers would tell us “Keep calm beta” but at home our parents would say “WHAT KEEP CALM? GO AND STUDY! Exams are in two months!”  Indian parents aren’t bad just that they’re a bit too worried for us.

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Riddhima Gurnani
Riddhima Gurnani
Hi! My name is Riddhhima and I love to draft poems of all kinds. I have two dogs. I am an animal lover. My mother is a teacher, and my father works in an IT company. My brother is 4 years older than me and studies at the same school.


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