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Individual Rights in Independant India

Written By Manya M N (Grade 11)

This is a basic fact to remember about individual rights. ‘Human rights are most essential in democracy form of government. Human dignity is the essence of human rights. It is the wide understanding of this aspect and appreciation of the individual which defines the true scope of human rights.

In an independent nation, every citizen should have fundamental rights.
The constitution guarantees seven fundamental rights to Indian citizens as follows:

  • Right to equality
  • Right to freedom
  • Right against exploitation
  • Right to freedom of religion
  • Cultural & educational rights
  • Right to property
  • Right to constitutional remedies
  • Right to food: This is most important right for every person to sustain. Ensuring access to natural resources/income to feed oneself with nutritious food is of crucial importance for the enjoyment of all other rights. Now also many people facing lack of nutrition. 21% of India’s total population remains undernourished , with women , girls and older persons being the most affected. So government should provide food properly. Then only fill the stomach of the poor.This results in nourished persons rate will be increase and maintain better health.
  • Right to work: It is the most essential element of life to be able to live. To enable the fulfilment of basic need of food, water and shelter also more than this the basic requirement of life is work.
  • If every citizen get these right then it leads to economic development and reducing of poverty.
  • Right to education: The “right to education” recognises a might to free , compulsory , primary education for all.This is an important fundamental right of each individual.Education gives a life to everyone and  helps an individual make informed decisions for themselves and also contribute to the progress of the society and nation.

It is the right of every Indian to obtain these rights. If every citizen gets these basic rights then the freedom of the country can get the real meaning.

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