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Inspiration from Elephant Seals

Written By Atharv Pookat (Grade 10)

Nature has always held a special place in my heart. From the towering redwoods to the tiniest wildflowers, the natural world possesses an undeniable power to inspire. This inspiration isn’t just a feeling – it’s a force that has driven creativity, scientific discovery, and even spiritual reflection in me.

The vast ocean is no exception. Marine ecosystems, teeming with diverse life forms and complex interactions, offer a unique wellspring of inspiration for me. From the graceful ballet of dolphins to the bioluminescent glow of deep-sea creatures, the ocean ignites my imagination and compels me to explore the mysteries that lie beneath the waves. As I delve deeper into this underwater world, I discover not only beauty, but also resilience, adaptation, and a delicate balance that sustains countless species.

The ocean depths hold a captivating mystery, from the playful dolphins to the majestic whales. But for me, elephant seals hold a special power. Their massive size and surprising grace embody a unique blend of strength and elegance that I find endlessly fascinating. Their booming calls and inflatable trunks are undeniably interesting, but what truly inspires me is their lives.

These resilient creatures navigate between two vastly different worlds– the clumsy lumber on land and the graceful agility in the water. Their ability to thrive in such contrasting environments serves as a constant source of motivation for me. As I face challenges in my own life, the elephant seal reminds me of the importance of adaptation and the power to overcome obstacles.

Standing up to six feet tall and weighing over four tons, elephant seals are the largest pinnipeds (fin-footed mammals) on Earth. Their sheer size and power are awe-inspiring, but for me, it’s their unique adaptations that truly capture my imagination. The males’ inflatable proboscis, which transforms during breeding season, is a fascinating example of evolution at work. It highlights the incredible extremes that animals go to in order to survive and reproduce.

On land, elephant seals are lumbering giants, but when they hit the water, they transform into sleek torpedoes. Their dives are legendary, reaching depths exceeding 1,500 meters for food. These adaptations inspire me. Their blood, packed with extra red blood cells for oxygen, and their ability to slow their heart rate to an incredible two beats per minute, showcase the incredible power of evolution. It’s a constant reminder of the amazing ways nature can adapt to survive

Male elephant seals engage in intense battles to establish dominance within their colony. These conflicts can be savage, involving roaring, charging and clashing into one another. The victor earns the privilege to mate with the most females. Observing this raw display of power is truly an adrenaline pumping experience. But it’s the relentless determination to keep going at it that strikes deep within me.

Charles Darwin stated “Survival of the Fittest”, meaning organisms that are better adapted to their environment are best suited to survive and successfully reproduce. These creatures are an epitome to this. Their battles are not driven by blind aggression, but by a steadfast commitment to passing down genes to the next generation. This valour serves as a reminder of the formidable forces that influence the natural world.

While the focus is given to the dominant males, the society of these seals reveal a remarkable complexity. Female seals build strong bonds with one another, caring for their pups and engaging in group interactions. They have displayed profound memory capabilities, being able to identify their offspring even after prolonged separations at sea. This hidden social intricacy adds an extra level of intrigue to these fascinating creatures.

Elephant seals functions as a source of inspiration to me on multiple levels. Their enduring spirit during extensive periods at sea, enduring hunger and tough conditions, serves as a constant motivation to overcome obstacles and persist. While aggression is not a quality I necessarily strive for, their resilience in the midst of fierce competition during mating season showcases the significance of remaining resolute and steadfast, as well as the importance of earning one’s place. Just as the elephant seal pup evolves from a clumsy land-dweller to a skilled predator, we also have the capacity to progress and thrive amidst challenges. Furthermore, their adaptability captivates me. This adaptability inspires me to stay open to change, be adaptable, and flourish in unfamiliar environments. The reliance of elephant seals on instinct during their initial ventures into the ocean serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of trusting our intuition to navigate the obstacles that life presents. Finally, the nurturing nature of the female elephant seals serves as a constant inspiration. Their unwavering commitment to their offspring highlights the power of love. It’s a beautiful display of the strength found in compassion and selflessness.

Elephant seals transcend mere creatures; they embody nature’s resilience. Their existence underscores the exquisite balance of marine ecosystems, highlighting the importance of conservation efforts. By witnessing their struggles and triumphs, we are reminded of the imperative to protect these vital environments and the extraordinary creatures within them.

The journey of elephant seals serves as a testament to the extraordinary forces of nature. Drawing parallels from the experiences of these majestic beings can instil us with the fortitude needed to confront life’s adversities, enabling us to emerge from challenges with heightened fortitude.

Featured Image Courtesy – Smithsonian Magazine


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