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Into the Abyss: Delving into ‘Daughter of the Deep’ by Rick Riordan

Written by Nula Lakshitha (Grade 9)

The ocean has inspired many artists with its mysterious and enchanting personality. From Hermen Mellville to Joseph Conrad, writers for years have turned to the ocean for inspiration. ‘Daughter of the Deep’ is a novel by Rick Riordan, based on Jules Verne’s ideas of underwater exploration in the modern day. The novel follows 15-year-old Ana Dakkar, who lost her parents in a tragedy a few years back, and only has her big brother, Dev- Until disaster strikes and the entire prestigious Harding-Pencroft Academy for Marine Sciences, except the freshman class, gets wiped out in a landslide.

Ana learns that she is the only living descendant of the legendary captain Nemo, also known as Prince Dakkar, which quite literally makes her the most important person on earth. Suddenly having access to Nemo’s revolutionary technology, Ana finds herself on a hunt for Nautilus-Captain Nemo’s submarine and deathbed- in Lincoln base, hoping for answers. On their journey to safety, Ana and her friends find enemies from their rival school who won’t stop until they have their hands on Nemo’s Technology. Ana also faces a dilemma with conflicting questions like What do we owe the world? Along with managing the fate of the world in her hands. On the surface, with a hundred eyes watching you, the decisions might be easy, but underwater, where no one can see you, you might just do something you wouldn’t expect…

This book is a wonderful look into a teenager’s mind while dealing with pressure, along with the themes of dealing with grief and pain. Having an Indian-American protagonist in a science fiction novel is rare, and Rick Riordan manages the boundaries between science and religion perfectly in this book. It also gives an insight into different perspectives, with Ana trying to find herself in Nemo’s vision and greatness. The treatment of inanimate objects [which have A.I. and can understand feelings] is quite exceptional. Ana inspires me to lead for a cause I am passionate about and to trust myself and the people I love. Humor is shown as a coping mechanism in the book, de-stressing the very intense situations. Marine biology facts are quite common, along with the sighting of a Giant Octopus [Who, Frankly, just wants a hug]. Filled with action, humor, Sci-fi, and self-discovery, ‘Daughter of the Deep’ is truly an excellent work of literature.

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