Friday, September 22, 2023

Invention of a New Day

Written By Varnika Rungta (Grade 5)

Usually, a week is when we must go to school from Monday to Friday and normally, in the weekends, we must spend our time studying and going for tuitions. It is vehemently monotonous. There is a need for a new day which does not have to be planned – a day where we can have fun based on our own perspectives.

The day which I would want to invent will be known as ‘Journee Loisirs’ which in French means ‘Hobbies Day’. It will take place at the end of the week after Sunday but before Monday so that before a stressful day at school, we can enjoy time at home doing all the fun things which we want or wish to do. We can all practise our hobbies like dancing, singing, reading books, writing, poetry just to name a few.  It will help people to spend time with themselves and bond with their family by playing games and listening to their stories. I would use this day to do the things I love like dancing, reading books and poetry. I would allocate my day properly so that I can use this new day wisely.

I do not think better time management can remove our desire for another day because students of higher classes like class 6 and above have too much study pressure which is difficult to overcome. There is even peer pressure which forces them to do better and sometimes more than they can achieve. A Hobbies Day will help us discover new talents and skills which can then become our career someday.

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Varnika Rungta
Varnika Rungta
My name is Varnika Rungta, 11 years old from the City of Joy - Kolkata. My passion is to read stories and write articles.


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