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iPhone 15 Series Integrates ISRO-Certified NavIC GPS Technology

Written By Nischal Srinivasan (Grade 12)

The recently released iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are loaded with updates, one of which is the incorporation of precision dual-frequency GPS technology with support for NavIC, the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System created by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). This article looks into the importance of NavIC’s integration into the iPhone 15 Pro range and the various advantages it provides to users worldwide.

NavIC: Navigating India and Beyond

NavIC, which stands for Navigation with Indian Constellation, is a regional navigation satellite system carefully created and managed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). It contains seven satellites orbiting in both geostationary and inclined geosynchronous paths, with coverage extending both over India and 1500 kilometres beyond its boundaries.

This system provides two essential services:

Standard Position Service (SPS) caters to civilian users by providing outstanding positioning and timing. It mediates accuracy within its coverage field that is second to none with a precision of better than 20 meters for positioning and 50 nanoseconds for timing.

Confined Service is for strategic customers. It is a further developed utility that presents an astounding positioning precision of less than 5 meters and a flawless timing precision of higher than 10 nanoseconds.

The implementation of NavIC into iPhone 15 Pro is a momentous advancement with far-reaching implications. This integration provides advantages not only for Indian customers but also for those across the world.

Benefits for Indian Users

Enhanced Precision and Reliability: In areas where GPS coverage is inconsistent or uncertain, the introduction of NavIC allows Indian users to access more exact and reliable location data. This means that obstructions, such as city enclosures, thick forests, and rugged areas, will no longer impede precise navigation.

The incorporation of NavIC furnishes location-based services in India with unrivalled accuracy. This could innovatively transform applications such as ride-hailing, delivery services, and fleet governance.

NavIC’s robustness against jamming and spoofing attacks is more tenacious than that of other GNSS systems, delivering uninterrupted navigation even in environments where interference is a problem. This superior resilience safeguards against potential breaches.

Benefits for Global Users

Apple’s dedication to embracing various GNSS systems, including NavIC, boosts the reliability of worldwide navigation-based applications.The implementation of NavIC has provided people with the capability to cut down their dependence on foreign GNSS systems in situations where access to them is either prohibited or unreliable. This proves to be advantageous in a multitude of scenarios.


The introduction of NavIC into the iPhone 15 Pro series is a significant progress, which serves both Indian and global customers. It offers more accurate and dependable services, increases immunity to disturbance, and reduces the need for foreign GNSS systems. By bringing this cutting-edge technology into its product lineup, Apple is demonstrating its devotion to making navigation more straightforward and secure for its users, no matter where they are.

Featured Image Courtesy – The Silicon Review

Nischal Srinivasan
Nischal Srinivasan
My name is Nischal Srinivasan and I have a great interest in writing poems and articles. I have also published a poem named Resonating Reflections in Amazon Kindle.


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