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Is education enough for the development of our country?

Written By Yashvi Jalan (Grade 9)

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today,” said Malcolm X. 

However, a crucial question urges to be answered i.e., whether education is sufficient enough for the development of a nation. On this argumentative point, my instincts compel me to form a negative opinion.

Undoubtedly, the world would have lost its capacity to get acquainted with the past, analyze the present and predict the future with education’s existence at risk. A businessperson would be traumatized at the befall of his/her company before they could even relish its opening. The economy would have been crashed and hope would have drowned into the gloomiest depths of darkness. 

But the ultimate truth is that we all dream of a gigantic and magnificent building of success and education is just its base. Without a steady base, the building would demolish and in the absence of numerous flats the building would stick to the ground and be on level with millions of others. If we want our building to be eclectic and appear tantalizing to all, we have to simultaneously pay attention to the floors which are often ignored by people. 

Educated unemployment is a term which we come across a lot these days, especially in the urban areas. This specie of unemployment does not indicate someone’s incapability to score extraordinary marks in an examination instead it is a signal for those who lack skill, experience, creativity, development plans and think on their own accord that the blanket of education is more than enough to cover up these empty crucial spots. 

2019’s Unemployment statistical reports state that graduates with a share of 16.3 percent make up the highest unemployment rate in India. 

A bachelor’s degree does not make a person a sagacious and pragmatic thinker. This scientific knowledge holds no significance until and unless one does not know when are where to implement it. 

For the development of countries like India, we need youths who can effectively bring about all the decisions they feel can benefit our country and remove poverty from its roots. 

Lastly, I would like to conclude this piece by saying that education makes the world a better place to live however concentration on factors which have been often neglected till now will make this beautiful planet an even more pleasant place to spend one’s precious life in. 

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Yashvi Jalan
Yashvi Jalan
I am 13-years-old and passionate about writing since the age of nine. Reading murder mysteries, inspiring tales and mythological books is my favourite pastime. Alongside creative writing, exposure to new technological features is something I love.


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