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Is therapy a necessity nowadays?

Written By Riya Kotecha (Grade 10)

Therapy can be needed at any phase of one’s life. It does not depend on factors like age, gender, financial background etc. 

People assume that posting happy images on social media depicts that their life is perfect and there are absolutely no issues, no anxieties, no worries and they are only blessed with success and joy. 

People today are good at talking but not listening. People have nobody who can listen to their complicated life. Nobody feels comfortable expressing their emotions. 

Earlier joint families were in trend but now hardly a few exist and the rest have broken into small nuclear families. Children have nobody to talk to. Televisions and mobile phones are their only companions. Apprehensions are only increasing, and people overthink and lose their confidence. 

18 students in Kota committed suicide because they were unsuccessful in bearing the pressure of IIT preparation. It is hard to even imagine the amount of pressure and depression they would have gone through. Isn’t it sad to see so many 16 or 17 years giving up their lives just because the believe they aren’t as capable as their fellow students? Teens nowadays feel that suicide is the ultimate solution to all problems, but suicide is just the permanent solution to temporary issues.

The best way to get out of these situations is to approach and try to explain what you feel to someone whom you think is trustworthy. It is advisable to speak out to someone who is quite older than you rather than someone of the maturity level. So it is really necessary to find a person who can bare and listen to all your complications.

Guidance by non-judgmental impartial people is called therapy. A good therapist will always be the best listener and help you find the solutions to your problems yourself. 

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Riya Kotecha
Riya Kotecha
I love penning down my thoughts, which are mostly short and easy to understand. I write about society and its issues.


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