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It’s All in Your Mind

Written By Riya Kotecha (Grade 10)

We all often feel life is a mystery, a treasure hunt where every phase of it has something new for us. There are always happy and cherish-able moments, as well as frustrating and depressing moments.

Something in everything we experience has a reason, if taken positively, as a lesson to be learned. It’s all about how we accept. Life always gives us two choices: one is to sit and cry over something, and the other is to be confident and face any situation.

It’s not always necessary to look into the negative aspects of a matter. Most issues get sorted out when we choose to look at the other side of the story. Humans tend to make many mistakes, and if one decides to cry over the mistakes, life is going to become depressing. Instead, if you try to search for the lesson learned or experience, we get the ability to not always degrade ourselves. A change of mindset can transform one’s life.

One often feels that changing oneself for a positive change is really difficult. It’s really hard to maintain the consistency, but it’s just a matter of time. The difference between an ordinary man and an extraordinary man is just that extra effort he puts in to not be a part of the crowd.

Why is taking the first step so hard? Everybody has goals, but not everybody is determined and consistent in working for them. Usually, people think about the closest step towards their goal and are scared to start.

Often, we tend to do anything and everything when we are motivated. It’s really hard to remain motivated. Instead, if we really want to imply something in our lives, we should opt for being disciplined. Doing something regularly with determination and commitment shows how disciplined one is. It need not be huge things; we can start with small things like making our bed every morning, reading any book for 5 minutes every day before going to sleep, and many more.

Everybody admires and celebrates the success of a man, but only he knows the hard work, those endless efforts, not letting the flame of hope die, and consistent inputs to obtain his desired output. All of this is hidden behind one’s success.

Giving up is not an option, as the lock maker never made a lock that does not have a key. Similarly, there is no such problem that does not have a solution, and one should always have the confidence to face and withstand any situation. Failing or succeeding is secondary, and this confidence can bring wonders into one’s life.

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Riya Kotecha
Riya Kotecha
I love penning down my thoughts, which are mostly short and easy to understand. I write about society and its issues.


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