Friday, September 22, 2023

Kadhi Samosa

Written by Vivaan Sanghvi

With even richer taste with than it already has, Kadhi Samosa is really one of the best dishes ever. Sprinkled with chilli powder, samosa, cinnamon and curry on top it has a tangy taste with all the exotic spices. Even though it is a Burmese dish, kadhi samosa has a special place in our family where it is made almost every two months in its own special way.

Kadhi samosa has a very interesting history. The Marwari traders in Burma equated kadhi samosa to their famous dish ‘khou suey’. They then made their own recipe and took the famous kadh samosa to Rajasthan. Samosa is a popular part of the street food culture over there and an important evening snack for many households. Most people have samosas with mint coriander chutney but in Rajasthan it is sometimes found dunked in kadhi. The Marwari traders liked the creamy dish in coconut milk so they replicated it with samosas dunked in yoghurt gravy called kadhi. In my house, it is made in its own special way with chilli, onion pakodas, spring onion, cabbage, tamarind juice, coriander, cumin powder and crushed peanuts. While eating you get a taste of the Burmese dish and the rich flavour of the Indian spices. A very famous place to eat is a place called Mauli Kadhi Samosa which is a fast-food restaurant in Mumbai.

I was served this the first time when I was a child. Kadhi Samosa is my most favourite dish, cooked in my house and introduced to me by my grandmother. I shall really cherish the memories of eating it even when I am older.

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