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Kathak – A Dance Form to Adore

Written By Tarini Shorewala (Grade 5)

Did you know that art can be architecture, dance, singing, and so many more other forms of creative expression? It isn’t always a painting, and as a result, almost everybody does some kind of art in their life. I love dancing the Indian classical dance, Kathak (not to be confused with Kathakali). I love watching and dancing to the quick captivating beat of the music that can interest the most hard to please audience!

It is made up of beats and sounds from the feet and it also has graceful hand movements and prayer songs that accompany the dancer’s movements. So many great artists of Kathak are present, one such person is Shri Birju Maharaj as we call him, to show him respect. Some main parts of Kathak are spinning, feet, hand movements and beats. The numerous spins give pop and difficulty into the piece whilst the hand movements create a sense of serenity. Feet and beats go hand in hand as they start a chant and include the audience watching, in the dance.

Through all of these beautiful factors of Kathak, it is deemed a very popular dance in North India. I as an individual, am very involved with Kathak as I take classes to learn the dance and am very interested in it because of it’s beautiful performances. The classes I take don’t just provide recreation for me but they provide a sense of being important, of being a dancer. I first got this joy and happiness from the dance when I did my first stage performance with my dance-mates. I remember I was six years old and everyone from my family was there cheering me on. This brought a smile to my face and I danced beautifully. I forgot to feel angry that I had to put red paint on my foot, I forgot that I was uncomfortable in the heavy dress, I just focused on the dance and finished it perfectly. As a dancer, I have always been able to stand for a long time. I have always had good balance and a high tolerance for pain. All these qualities I have learned through my dance. The way I stand is different because I dance and, because I am active, my health is also better than most people. All in all, I think dance has done me lots of good and it has built me hence, I also tell you to focus and excel in your chosen field!

To conclude, I would like to tell you that I might love and adore my art form but I can never make something of it if I don’t practice. This is something that I do every day and it enriches my life, makes it go in a positive way. I also appreciate the Lord and thank him for whatever he gives whilst doing Kathak because of its great link to the Hindu system of godly statues. Kathak is my passion and my dream and I will live it out, and I hope you do too!

As they say, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

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