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Konark Temple: The Sunshine of India

Written by Hridhaan Goel (Grade 5)

On the shores of the Bay of Bengal, the Konark Temple, located in the eastern state of Odisha, is an outstanding example of art and architecture. The temple was built in the thirteenth century by a king of the Ganga dynasty. With its majestic conception, the Konark Temples one of the most sublime monuments of India. In Hinduism, temples are called  mandirs which are dedicated to a specific Hindu god or goddess. They not only depict art, but also beliefs and values cherished in our religion. The Konark temple is designed in the shape of a chariot with 24 wheels, pulled by seven horses all carved from stone. Temple was constructed with black granite and it took 12 years to complete. The architecture has all the Odia elements with a Natamandira, Jagmohana and the tall Deula.

For my summer vacations after I graduated from 3rd grade, my parents and I went to visit this ancient architectural marvel. I had visited many temples before this, but the structure and the complex design of this temple really surprised me. Soon after your ingress is the Natamandira, whose platform and pillars are still standing, but without a ceiling! A stroll around the platform is just awe-inspiring—there are warriors, dancers, musicians, and hunting scenes in slots surrounded by minute filigree craftsmanship—all in stone! The temple’s famous wheel serves as a sundial that indicates the precise time, with the first rays of sunlight falling on the building’s main entrance. The temple is also raised off the ground to emphasize its holiness.

This temple inspired me in many ways. The complex structure made me wonder about the intricate thought process of the skilled workers. With no access to any kind of technology, they were able to construct one of the most beautiful temples. This shows that the imagination of humans knows no boundaries. The workmanship on the sculptures displays perfection and is a true show of our heritage and culture. It made me feel proud of our country. A temple so extravagant in its heritage made me value our culture even more. It truly deserves to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site, not only for its faultless design and its imposing dimensions but also for its harmonious amalgamation of architectural grandeur.

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