Friday, July 19, 2024

Learning from Nature

Written By A Sarvesh

Sitting in greenish soft grass, huge trees around, birds singing, a relaxing mind, smiling faces—how good is it to hear? But why do we want to destroy nature? Why do we not want to connect with nature? What’s changing in us? Many of us have learned about the importance of nature in school; why do we not implement it in our daily lives? 

It is because we want to live in a higher standard of living, travelling in metro trains, sitting in comfortable apartments, not even caring what’s happening in the environment. To make us feel better, we call it a higher standard of life, but I say it’s a higher standard of laziness.

Nature is indeed beautiful, and most of the time nature inspires us. It makes us feel humble. For example, waves remind us that life has ups and downs, and trees remind us that it doesn’t matter how tall we are in any aspect of our life; we need to stay down to earth. Flowers remind us that even if we don’t have any purpose or benefit to give it to somebody, we should make them smile and love us. Nature teaches us how to keep other people relaxed. The ecosystem teaches how we should balance everything in life.

Inspiration is one of the smallest benefits given by nature; we are destroying it. I feel awe that there are thousands and more things like gravity, which if it were a little bit higher or lower, our human life would not be sustained, but everything is maintained perfectly so life can be sustained on earth. It is a gift given by the cosmos that we are destroying gradually, like endangering animals, deforestation, air pollution and water pollution.

We need to understand we can’t live without wood; we can’t stop completely burning fossil fuels either, as we need electricity. But we can plant a lot of trees, and we can limit pollution by switching to clean energy. Stop making excuses and find a solution to save the environment. We can still live on this planet; nothing has gone irreversible yet. If we can connect to nature, this would be very helpful. We need to donate to companies that are non-profit and save nature. If we can’t help them physically, we could help motivate them to do more projects. We think we are improving technology by placing phone towers worldwide, but this kills the birds migrating to our nation, which is endangering many of these species. 

We are being very selfish for our own convenience and destroying the environment. What will the next generation do? Live to correct our mistakes. We should change our intentions. Improving technology should not affect our God-gifted earth. Technology should be used in a way that everything and everyone should benefit from. 

Featured Image Courtesy – Times of India


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