Sunday, September 24, 2023

Let Me Be Me

Written By Ankita Srinivasan (Grade 10)

Let Me be Me

Freedom of speech, freedom to vote,

To show your opinions and freedom to quote.

Freedom to live and freedom to pray,

To exist without fear and to push away the grey.

Are all these words just pomp and show,

A way to get the votes to flow?

Dress nice, look very pretty,

You are a girl, wear all your jewellery.

A need to look good and charming

With a fabulous figure and always smiling.

Is this the reason girls are born,

To be seen but never to be shown?

Hideaway our presence, keep us still,

Not allowed to escape, not having a will.

Freedom, you say, when we can’t walk free,

The ones, willing to help not listening to our plea.

The only way to help on the road to be free,

Is to step away and let me be me.

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Ankita Srinivasan
Ankita Srinivasan
Hey! I am Ankita Srinivasan. I live in Chennai, India, and I am an avid reader and love writing. I spend most of my free time with my story books and consider them to be my best friends. I love exploring, debating, acting and playing any sport that involves going out and playing.



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