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Life without Limitations

Written By Kalpitaa R (Grade 10)

Nick Vujicic, is an eminent motivational speaker, coach, actor, entrepreneur, and big apple Times chart-topping author. When people are asked who they admire or aspire to become like?

The most frequent answers are well-known freedom fighters or entrepreneurs. Or in some cases, relatives. But it’s not so in my case. I admire this extraordinary man who was born with Tetra-Amelia syndrome. It is an infrequent disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. He is Nick Vujicic.

Nick Vujicic fought his disabilities to live a self-sustaining, complete, and “ridiculously good” life while serving as a personification for anyone seeking true happiness. His journey was a persistent battle of self-acceptance and anguish, but his mother made him comprehend that his imperfection is a perfect inspiration to others. It was a climacteric point in his life when his mother showed him an element of a commentary from a newspaper. It was about a man who was still contended with a disability. He then realized that life without limbs doesn’t mean a life without a motive.

When he was 17, he had got a tremendous opportunity to lead a speech at his prayer group. Hopefully, he had trustworthy and supportive friends who kept motivating him throughout his journey. He graduated from Griffith University when he was twenty with a double major in accounting and finance.

Nick shares the tales of his physical condition and the psychological clash he endured while learning to deal with them as a child, teen, and young adult. He also tells how his belief in God was and could be a major etymology of strength.

He also offers empirical advice for comprehending a lifetime of fulfilment and happiness by fabricating trust in others, developing benevolent relationships, and acquiring strength for the journey.
His remarkable tale is therapy to dispiritedness and the herald of insurmountable love and faith.

He married Kanae Miyahara, and they got a cute baby boy and named him Kyoshi James, then a second son, Dejan Levi. In 2015, Nick was posthumously awarded “Young Australian of the Year” for his attempt in illuminating others’ beliefs and aspirations. He believes that if we commute our attitude then surely we can change our life.

Presently, he promotes a non-profit organization and ministry called Life Without Limbs (founded in 2005) and Attitude is Altitude (founded in 2007) to share the ideology of good faith and trust. He has published various books that include Life Without Limits: Inspiration of a Ridiculously Good Life (2010) and a lot more. He also starred in a short film, The Butterfly Circus.

Nick Vujicic has given a powerful message to the globe that it’s okay if we don’t find a miracle. We can surely be the one. Anyone can be contented and triumphant regardless of their physical potential and appearance. Each one of us is beautiful and unique in our way. We are way more than our looks. We need to be grateful to the almighty for what we have. With trust and hope, we can metamorphose our walls into the door to joy.

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Kalpitaa Rajesh
Kalpitaa Rajesh
I'm an amateur artist and a writer too. I'm an avid reader. Getting to know about the peoples' stories inspires me a lot and that's something I'm fond of writing articles on. Meeting new people is one of my greatest joys. I am intrigued by biology. Learning new things brings me a lot of happiness.


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