Saturday, April 20, 2024

Live in the Present

Written By Sinchana Raj (Grade 11)

Never postpone a task to the future or ponder about the past! It is of no use.

There are so many advantages of being in the present. Let’s see how we can have a blissful life by living in the moment.

It makes you aware of knowing life’s true purpose, the people you are surrounded with and your true self.

It makes you more effective and productive and you start to appreciate even the tiny moments. What’s even better is that you end up creating a positive effect on the people around you, motivating and inspiring them with your positive energy and openness. It even helps that you can get rid of mental health problems naturally.

Now let’s discuss the disadvantages of not living in the present. Overthinking about the past is useless as we can’t reverse anything which has already happened. We don’t have a time machine or any future robot like Doraemon where we can time travel and change the situation. No, it’s impossible. Forgetting about the past is the only cure to living happily in the present. So let it go. It’s over and all done. And thinking about the future where you don’t have any assurance whether you’ll be living or be dead the next moment. This is the most significant reason which highlights the consequences of postponing the tasks or postponing trips and etc.

There is a famous saying by Eleanor Roosevelt – “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present”.

All we have is the present! We need to enjoy the moment no matter what it is, no matter if it’s sadness, happiness, bitter days, precious moments or hard days. You can get through this as no day or moment is permanent. Everything has an end and its limits.

So don’t waste your time if you’re still a child just have fun, play and make friends, if you’re a youth live, love, laugh, face the challenges and if you’re an adult then don’t worry it’s not only you who is going through this, enjoy your own company because you came to this earth alone and you leave this earth alone too. Be kind, let it go, just live in the present and enjoy its aura.

Featured Image Courtesy – InnerChange Life Coaching


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