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Lord Hanuman and the Sun

Written By Yasvi Jalan (Grade 9)

India’s a peninsular fertile continent with wisdom flowing through its water. It’s a ray of light that has spread sagaciousness overseas. However, millions of people have been unable to find out the origin of all the concepts they abide by today; India. Today those long-hidden researchers struggle to unmask themselves. Unspoken secrets finally resurface which were visible to all, but no one cared to find. The book that binds together these untold valuable discoveries is none other than our ‘Upanishads and Puranas’. 

As known for ages, the distance between the earth and the sun was calculated by an astronomer, Christiaan Huygens in 1653. However, limited people are enlightened and acquainted with the ultimate veracity. Hanuman Chalisa, a Hindu devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman and written by the poet-saint Tulsidas is renowned all over India. A timeline of a series of incidents in Lord Hanuman’s life is depicted as a song and sung as a prayer.

‘Jug sahastra yojanpar Bhanu

Leelyo tahi madhur phal janu || 18 ||’

‘Lord Hanuman travelled a distance of 96,000,000 miles to reach to the sun,

He considered it to be a sweet fruit’ 

This line accentuates the fact that the prestigious discovery of the distance between the sun and the earth was made in the 16th century itself and was left in the holy pages of a Sanskrit poem by Tulsidas. Written for all to witness and interpret but no effort was taken by an induvial to analyze and synthesize. 

Meaning: Sun is at the distance of sahastra yojan from the earth. The Hindu Vedic literature guides us through this complex mathematics: 

1 yug = 12,000 celestial years

1 sahastra = 1,000

1 yojan = 8 mile

On multiplying, 12000*1000*8= 96,000,000 miles 

I mile = 1.6 kms

Hence, the distance so calculated was 153,600,000 kms

The story of Lord Hanuman soaring his way to the sun and making a deadly, sinful yet humorous mistake of gobbling it as it appeared as a tantalizing fruit is well known to all Hindus. Tulsidas narrated this story and cleverly announced a scientific discovery. 

Such amusing literature pieces with precious and valuable research confided in it is the treasure possessed by India. It is high time that the true origins are praised and recognized worldwide. With this, the quest to seek unjustified answers continues. Maybe in this mission, we may unearth such inventions which our scientists have been struggling with for a long time. We might find a map that leads to technological development and has rational explanations for superstitions and other mystical monuments possessed by India.

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Yashvi Jalan
Yashvi Jalan
I am 13-years-old and passionate about writing since the age of nine. Reading murder mysteries, inspiring tales and mythological books is my favourite pastime. Alongside creative writing, exposure to new technological features is something I love.


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