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Make in India

Written By Namrathaa Shivakumar (Grade 9)

Make in India is the dream plan of India’s Prime Minister, Sri Narendra Modi. Indian people are depending more on international goods and services thereby putting Indian companies at the risk of closing their doors. Indian companies are losing their confidence as well as strength to manufacture new products and bring out new services. People say that we should always stand on our legs and should be independent. Just like that our country should also stand on its own legs and become independent.

The symbol or icon of this plan is unique. It is a giant lion having many wheels. This indicates peaceful progress and the way to a vibrant future. A giant walking lion with many wheels represents courage, strength, tenacity, and wisdom.

This initiative will increase solid growth and will increase the national income. With the help of more entrepreneurs and investors, the country will become self-sufficient. It will also increase the value of Indian currency. Just like every coin has two sides, this initiative has a few disadvantages too. This may lead to the depletion of natural resources and the disruption of land. Negligence of agriculture and pollution will also increase. But these are not very difficult to overcome when everything’s done within a limit.

It’s not very easy to achieve this goal. All people irrespective of age use international products in day to day life. It can be in the form of products like cosmetics, electronics, furniture and clothing or it can also be in the form of technological applications like ShareIt, TikTok and others. Buying these products increases the economy of other countries and depletes ours. India should also be the leading producer in all fields of manufacturing and the service sector. It’s not only the work of the central government to make this initiative come true. If we, the citizens of India come along and make up a strong and firm decision to be swadeshi (use our country’s products) then no one can stop our country from becoming atmanirbhar (self-sufficient). 

In our everyday life when buying a product, we’ll of course have options, one foreign and one Indian. To understand more clearly, let’s take an example – suppose we need to buy a container or a box to store food or anything else we wish for. We will have so many different options in colours, quality and other aspects. We should choose to spend a minute to see which country’s brand it belongs to and we should decide to buy an Indian brand’s product. Not only this, in many other situations of our day to day life, like while shopping, eating Indian-produced food will contribute towards making India atmanirbhar

Teresa said “Everyone cannot do great things but we can do small things will great love”. Each person’s contribution will add up to something big and of course, there’s no doubt in fulfilling this plan. Let’s all keep the aim of ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT and try our best to achieve it.

Featured Image Courtesy – Economic Times

Namrathaa Shivakumar
Namrathaa Shivakumar
I am Namrathaa Shivakumar, 9th grade studying at Sadvidya high school, at Mysore. I love reading as well as writing interesting articles. I also am interested towards science and fiction. I draw well and enjoy doing crafts. I always hope for the best 😀.


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