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Metal Hands… or not?

Written By Diya Barmecha (Grade 8)

My hands shook with hers and a slight newfangled sensation travelled through my hand till my shoulder. It was like my grandmother’s pacemaker when her body is close to mine. She glares at me as I turn back and I quickly scurry around the corner, going safely out of her reach. 

Her eyes seem like they go past me and can look beyond. I get the feeling she wasn’t looking at me but through me like she could control how and where she could look by her mind beyond normal capabilities. I expressed my concerns to all my friends but they shut them down and kept saying that finally all the research and books I read had gone and messed with my mind. However, I know better than to cross a person who isn’t “normal” in all senses. The electric shocks, the eyes and even the fact that I had never seen her eat or even yawn. The janitor told me last year not to go digging in places where I didn’t want to discover secrets but this one was eating at me since the day she changed. Miss Mart disappeared for 3 months and when she returned, she was no longer my favourite teacher and neither was she the same person. I spent days researching cases where people completely changed but this didn’t seem like a personality change. It felt like her heart had been replaced by an artificial one. I suspected that her gentle hands were now big metallic ones but I told no one about this. 

Every day I wait for a big breakthrough but I get nothing. I have a feeling she knows what I’m up to because she has started giving me more notice than usual. Today I hid behind the dustbin of our school and saw her walking through a door. I raised my watch and scanned the building for any secret pathways and there was one where she went. I tried to follow her but I couldn’t pass. I pressed my ear onto the wall and heard the clanks of metal as she took each step. I knew she had metallic parts but it was suddenly so much more. The wall went away and I fell hard onto the cold floor. I raised my eyes and then I saw my teacher in her true form as she started to narrate her origin story and a scientific endeavour of hers gone wrong. Everything about her soon started to make sense and I felt something for my teacher that I had never felt before… I felt bad for her…

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Diya Barmecha
Diya Barmecha
I am 15 years old and live in Mumbai. I love reading and subjects like math and science because they are logical. I enjoy watching movies and learning more about the world. I like to understand people's opinions on various things.


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