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Mood Swings

Written By Meenakshi Modi (Grade 9)

Mood swings are very common in human beings. There are many people in society who are facing mood swings. Usually, people like to ignore it and move forward. But it shouldn’t be ignored, it is a serious issue for the mind.

A mood swing is an abrupt change in mood or emotional state. A student who is having suicidal thoughts continuously doesn’t know that he or she is facing a mood swing. A mood swing is caused by changes in your hormone levels.

In my locality, there is a grandma, I am very close to her. Grandma is a good chef and can make amazing dosa. I keep visiting her house regularly. One day, she was serving me dosa and was extremely happy as the batter turned out good. But after some time while I was drinking water and it was time for me to leave, she was in such an angry and grumpy mood. I was astonished and scared to see her mood change.

Days went by, I kept on thinking about it. I couldn’t understand what had happened to her. My mom seeing me so tensed and confused asked me what happened, I told her everything. She told me to ignore it but it was not happening I was still stressed about it. A few days later, I was at the vegetable market buying potatoes, grandma a little far away was shouting at the vegetable vendor. This time I decided to go next to her and observe her movements. Her movements were different and vague, she was constantly moving her right arm in anger. I got more scared seeing her.

After an hour, I saw her watering her plants and singing. It was the time when I realized I need to call a psychiatrist for her. The psychiatrist went to observe grandma in the room where she was sleeping. I was not allowed to enter the room. After an hour when grandma was out of the room, she looked confused and asked who is she and what was she doing in my room while I was sleeping. The following day, the psychiatrist called me and told me that grandma is facing a serious case of mood swings? I was very confused as I never heard of a mood swing. The psychiatrist said that mood swings are a constant change of moods, it can be very serious when one doesn’t know the kind of emotion he/she is in. Without being scared I asked him about the cure to her mood swing. He said that she needs plenty of sleep and she needs to stop exerting herself. She has to regularly exercise in the morning. He also gave calcium supplements. 

A person who is facing a mood swing must be taken care of properly. The food must be checked regularly. Keep involving the person in activities he likes to do and don’t give the person any stress.

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