Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Movie Review: The Parent Trap

Written By Kavya Rajan (Grade 4)

Parent trap is unique among its kind. It’s like no other Disney movie and doesn’t revolve around romance. I am fond of it and of watched it multiple times. It’s a fun watch for all ages from 7 to infinity.

It’s about twin girls who are living separately as their parents are divorced. Hallie with her dad in napa valley and Annie with her mom in London. Then they meet at summer camp and discover the truth! Then they plot to bring their parents together again.

It’s a really touching story about how a parents divorce can affect a child. It’s really humorous and interesting. Well, I’m sorry this is so short but I can’t reveal any spoilers. Anyhow, I would definitely recommend it for everyone.

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Kaavya Rajan
Kaavya Rajan
My name is Kaavya. I’m 9 years old and am a grade 4 student of Pathways School, I live in Gurgaon. I enjoy travelling, reading & writing. I wish to be an architect someday.


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