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Mr. Balloon’s Space Journey

Written By Ved Mohta (Grade 4)

Once there was a beautiful blue balloon. He called himself Mr. Balloon. One day, Mr. Balloon was having a nice time until he was given to a small boy. The boy went out with the balloon to plan. Accidentally, the boy left the balloon and it went to space.

Mr. Balloon did not like space at first, but later he started to like it. There were so many wonders in space. When he reached the moon, he overheard a few astronauts talking and studying the moon. They were wearing big white helmets, thick white jackets, white boots and oxygen tanks on their backs. They were talking about the moon but all he could catch was ‘moon’ and ‘space’. Then he thought, “Is this all space?” It was an entirely new experience for Mr. Balloon.

Then came Mars. Mr. Balloon was fascinated by the way it looked. As soon as he came close to the ground, a few weird creatures took him to a red valley. Then in a creepy voice they said, “We are Martians”. They greeted and led him to a zone where he could rest after a long journey.

After some time, they made a bonfire, sang songs and told their names. They told marvellous tales about their life on Mars. Mr. Balloon listened in awe. The next morning, Mr. Balloon got ready. The Martians told him they were going to see the planet on a rovercraft. Mars was barren with red soil. In the sky, Mr. Balloon saw Jupiter, the gas giant and Saturn with its large icy rings.

Mr. Balloon had such a good time that he decided to live on Mars forever.

Featured Image Courtesy – PixelSquid

Ved Mohta
Ved Mohta
I live in Gurugram with my parents. I like to play basketball, tennis and cricket.


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