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My Family, My Love

Written By Akshat Bhatia (Grade 3)

You all must have a family that loves you. I also have an amazing family. I have 5 members in my family – My father, mother, sister, my grandmother, and me.

My family is the first people who care for me. My father gives me whatever I want/say, and my mother makes yummy dishes which I like. My sister respects me and my grandmother too. My family loves me. I also love my family. I will tell you about my birthday this year when my family was very loving. On 17th August, it was my birthday. Everyone gave me blessings and wished me a happy birthday. My sister gave me a card she made all by herself. My father had been pestering me for a gift for one whole week. I said that I didn’t want anything every time he asked. On my birthday, my father, mother and my sister gave me 3 amazing gifts. One was a multi-feature car, the second was a big globe and the third was a watch. I liked all the things. My cake was a double manzil cake. I liked the cake very much. When I entered the living room (in which I had to cut my cake), there was a very big balloon stuck on the wall. In that balloon, it was written ‘8’ as I was going to be 8 that day. No birthday is there in which I didn’t get any gift.

My father does scold me sometimes when I behave naughtily but I understand that it’s for my own good. They all care for me. After all, MY FAMILY is MY LOVE.

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Akshat Bhatia
Akshat Bhatia
My name is Akshat Bhatia and I am from Amity International School, Noida. I study in grade 3 and I am 8 years old. My hobbies are to play tennis, badminton and also do art and craft. My favourite subject is Maths.


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