Friday, September 22, 2023

My Favourite Dish – Dosa

Written By Chetan Patodia (Grade 6)

Being a foodie, I like to try different kinds of cuisines but my favourite dish is dosa. Dosa is a popular South-Indian rice and lentil crepe served with a variety of toppings like cheese and onions. We pair it with sambar and coconut chutney to add more flavour to the dish. I like it hot and crispy with some potato stuffing.

Some historians including P. Thankappan Nair believed that dosa originated in Udupi, Karnataka while others like K.T. Achaya believed that dosa was from Tamil Nadu. Though it originated in South India, it has become popular and is being served in different parts of India. The longest dosa entered the Guinness Book of world records measuring 16.68 m.  Nowadays different types of dosas are being served in restaurants with a variety of stuffings like paper dosa, cheese dosa, Mysore masala dos, rava dosa and several others. My mother usually makes this dish on weekends.  She soaks the rice and lentils overnight and then grinds them into a batter the next morning. The batter is then spread over a hot pan and a crispy thin dosa is prepared. She tops it with grated onions and cheese for my sister and me. My father likes to eat coriander dosa while my grandmother’s favourite is rava dosa.  Super Snack Bar and Ram Krishna Lunch Home are two of the famous eateries in which dosas are sold. We usually go there whenever my grandfather comes to Kolkata from Bishnupur. On Sundays, there are long queues outside these restaurants and we have to wait for a couple of hours to get a seat. Whenever my parents celebrate my birthday, I make sure that dosa is there on the menu. 

Dosa is both a scrumptious and a healthy dish. It is rich in carbohydrates and proteins. It is one of the healthiest fast food options and the best part is that my parents allow me to eat it whenever I ask them.  

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