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My Favourite Ice Cream – Chuski

Written By Varnika Rungta (Grade 8)

In the scorching heat of the Indian summer, when we are drenched in sweat and grime, drinks like Thumbs up, Pepsi and Sprite do not work at all. What works the best is our very own desi ice popsicle called chuski. The chuski-wallah is undoubtedly the most popular shopkeeper in the summer, always surrounded by children and adults and many, many colours.

This frozen delight is not only found in India but all over the world. In Texas and Northern Mexico, vendors have a different name for it- raspa– which comes in many flavours, including lemon and chilli powder. Ais Kacang is a popular form of shaved ice sold in Malaysia and Singapore. In Japan, ais kacang was popular even in the late 19th century where it was known as kakigori. Therefore, some believe that the chuski was invented by the Japanese during the Heian period (794 to 1185 AD) when ice would be brought down from mountains and stored in a cave called himuro (which translates to ‘ice-room’). 

Our Indian ice chuski or gola is made with ice cubes, sugar syrup, black salt, and lemon sherbet. I do not make this dessert at home as I am too lazy to do that. This dessert in my maternal grandparents’ house is the most special, and I only try it when I am in Siliguri. Moreover, because it reminds me of my Nanaji, chuskis have a special place in my heart. Of course, the best of the chuskis in India are sold in street-side shops and even by cycle vendors! 

My maternal grandfather used to make me eat chuskis every summer when I stayed with him, and so it is a remembrance of him. He always told the chuski-wallah to make my favourite flavour, which he knew is ‘khatta-meetha’. The lip-smacking taste of ice gola certainly makes it unique. Even a tiramisu made by a celebratory chef cannot taste like the ice gola made by a shopkeeper on the streets!

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Varnika Rungta
Varnika Rungta
My name is Varnika Rungta, 11 years old from the City of Joy - Kolkata. My passion is to read stories and write articles.



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