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My First Experience Compeering

Written By Jivesh RM (Grade 10)

My first experience of compeering was in the 10th grade, in a table tennis inter-school tournament. I was a bit anxious in the morning when the teacher who accompanied us came late to school, I started to sweat and I felt as if butterflies were present in my stomach flying merrily.

The only problem was the guests who were invited may or may not come; it could change at any moment. Our teacher came finally and we started our practice, everything was going smoothly. The practice got over and we went to the auditorium for the compeering but still, we had an hour before the program was to start. I was fairly calm and helped in arranging a few things, volunteering to set up the TT tables.

We waited for the arrival of the chief guest and then we started our compeering. I was a bit tensed and stammered a bit. My mouth seemed to not be under my control as I blabbered and misspelt their names. Finally, my mouth came back under my control and I became stable and spoke smoothly. People applauded and it was a great experience. Our principal and vice principals gave a rose and a bar of chocolate to us and applauded us. But I was praised most by our vice principal Ms. Pratima Pai. She was the one who gave me that confidence and motivated me with her positive words and I felt it was the best day of my whole life.

So I conclude by saying that, give a try to any opportunity you get because opportunities are something which you get rarely.

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Jivesh RM
Jivesh RM
Likes a lot of cars and a foodie, enjoys writing articles.


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