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My inspiration: The Diary of a Young Girl

Written by Ritisha Shukla (Grade 8)

Among the multiple books in my school library, there couldn’t have been a book that I hadn’t read by the time I had reached grade 7, but there was one book in particular that piqued my interest: “The Diary of a Young Girl.” Originally written as the journal of a young Jewish girl, Anne Frank, during World War II, it was later published as a world-renowned novel, one that is a classic and loved by people across the world.

I hadn’t read it yet because I was more interested in fictional and adventurous books, and I thought of it as an educational and historically informative novel, but as I flipped through its pages, I realised it was much more than just that. It highlights the life and struggles of Jewish families during the war from the point of view of a thirteen-year-old.

Anne referred to her diary as “Kitty”. She wrote her feelings and thoughts in it like a friend talks with another. Like other girls her age, she had a normal life, a loving family, and a typical teenage hobby of collecting postcards and movie star posters. Unfortunately, life was not very kind to her. It soon turned upside down in June 1942 when ‘Der Führer’ decided that Jews were not good enough to be a part of the’master class’ and began threatening and killing them. She, along with her family, had to go into hiding because of the Holocaust.

They struggled for electricity, food, and other basic resources, but despite everything going on in her life, she said things like, “What a wonderful thought that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet” and believed that people were really good at heart. She upheld these ideals, believing that when time permitted, she would carry them out.

This piece of writing was filled with wit and humour, and the way she bared her heart and soul touched my heart. It changed my perspective on life. It inspired me to believe that one shouldn’t obsess over the miseries in life but focus on the beauty of the world that withstands even after wars are over. Everyone who reads it finds a piece of themselves in the pages, and we can’t help but love ‘The Diary of a Young Girl.’

Featured Image Courtesy – The New York Times


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