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My Treasure Farm

Written By Kavisha Badonia (Grade 4)

Nowhere to go in lockdown? Such a depressing statement is it!!

The pandemic came along with the spring-like a guest and stayed with us all around the summers and rainy season too. It’s not in a mood to go away still in sluggish autumn and shivery winters.

The unprecedented situation made me and my family cling at home. At home, not a single day has gone when I have not travelled to my favourite destination and continue to do so. My friends crave to go out to malls or some of them to the beach and others to hill stations. But I travelled to the most exotic locations on this planet, where no one has ever been before. Where there is no fear of contagious disease or death. It has only me and myself.

I roamed in the treasure farms around my sweet home. These farms bore fruits of seasons. It is full of flowers signifying colours of life in every season. The colours which I have never seen before and even could not be named. Was it purple or green, no it was mixed as purplish-green..or bluish orange.. only God knows? Flowers were as big as a huge tree and also as small as a bee. The butterflies were hovering over the sweet fragrance and flying over the glittering sunlight peeping between the dense trees.

The farm had a variety of fruits as sweet as honey and some of them as sour as a lemon. The farm also had ice-creams, toffees and chocolates.

I rode on the swings which I have never seen, which took me up high in the sky. High again it took me to the clouds and so high that I land to the moon. I could fly on the moon as long as I could and come back home via the red planet and green planet too. The green planet which is yet to be discovered and may be named as the ninth planet soon.

The farm also has pretty angels. Beautiful fairy angels took me around the massive oceans. In a moment I flew on top of the Himalayas and other moments I was on top of snow-clad Alps. 

The seasons come and go on my farm. If I wished to get drenched, I wished for rains and there it poured the pure water, straight from heavens. If I ever wanted to see the white winter and there came the snowy flakes on me and draped me in white colour.

It has a movie corner as well and the screen as wide as the sky.  I can see anything on this natural wall as per my dreams. The movie is played as my mind flickers. There is no need for remote or any electronic gadget. Still, everything is so seamless, smooth and beautiful. 

And not only this, it has a Gyan corner too. It doesn’t have piles and piles of books. But knowledge is transmitted seamlessly and absorbed through the mind.  It does not need any exams to pass through.

This treasure farm of mine is so serene, calm and beautiful.

This is a place where I travel whenever I need to, be it a day or be it a night.

I don’t need transport or visa to have this journey.

And thanks to the pandemic, my inner self evolved and as a reward, I got the exotic journey location. It has only me and myself.

Featured Image Courtesy – Homestead Launch

Kavisha Badonia
Kavisha Badonia
Kavisha Badonia is 9 years old. She is very creative by nature. She loves to write stories, poems and colour as well. She relaxes by dancing on different tunes daily. She is naughty and very talkative as well. In this pandemic, she has won many awards for painting and writing at All-India and Inter-school levels.


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