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Written By Akshith Akula (Grade 9)

Nature, in all its magnificence, is one of the few reasons that inspires us for humanity. In all its majesty one element catches me and captivates my imagination and is a never ending well of creativity – water. The gentle rhythm of ocean waves and the gentle tipper tapper of rain drizzling the thirsty ground in the summer all are manifestations of water embodying water’s charm and beauty that transcends worlds. In this essay I will delve into this element that inspires me and motivates me to push on forward in life forever stimulating me to do anything. 

In my opinion water embodies the essence of fluidity both literally and metaphorically. Water’s ability to adapt, transform, and persist through challenges how we all should. Water’s versatility is not just a physical characteristic but also it can be used as a profound for the way it navigates through complexities. In a similar way as we encounter diverse challenges in life we must continuously adapt and evolve and adjust our perspectives. Like water we must mold ourselves in certain circumstances  

Water’s journey on earth contains many twists and turns. But unlike a lot of us humans water constantly finds a way to flow through and this is why it catches my attention the most. Embracing this perspective encourages us to see beyond immediate challenges. Water in all its forms and movements, reminds us of enduring the essence of life and pushing forward and exceeding our potential within us. So, like water we must adapt, grow and thrive no matter what problems we face.

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