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Nature’s Blueprint: An Ethereal Journey

Written By PD Praapti (Grade 11)

“The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts”

If you were to ask the mother of a newborn what the most beautiful sound she had ever heard was, she would say, “The second I heard my baby cry for the first time”.

Nature has never failed to show humanity just how incredible it is, but I think the phenomenon that has captivated me the most is bringing new life to the world, because giving birth is truly the closest one can come to doing magic.

Not just the birthing process, but the whole period of pregnancy or gestation is filled with miracles and surprises. I have always loved the fact that one day there is nothing and on the next a tiny Zygote is present in the Fallopian tube, and from then on the ten-month journey of astonishments begins!

By the fifth or sixth week, the zygote is a cluster of cells which has been implanted in the wall of the mother’s uterus and is called an Embryo. The cells of the Foetal (stage after the embryo) heart cluster and can pulse. Truly a wonderful moment for the mother, mothering two heartbeats at a time!

Hearing the ‘lub-dub, lub-dub’ sound of a beating heart may never have been as exciting and memorable for parents as the time when the Foetal heartbeat can be heard loud and clear on a doppler ultrasound during the fourth month of pregnancy. What’s more, by the fifth month, it can even hear the mother talk and tries to respond, which expecting mothers feel as kicks, flutters or rolls. Talk about an intimate little conversation!

The best pictures are the ones in black and white, and what’s better than a black and white ultrasound picture! The 17th week ultrasound scan brings with it an opportunity for the parents to see their baby. Even though, to most, it seems like a blur of black and white, there is still immense joy in knowing that, “that” blur of black and white is really your baby and I, for one think that an ultrasound picture is one of the best surprises parents receive during the course of gestation.

By the sixth month, the rapidly growing foetus reacts to sounds by moving or increasing its pulse. It can even touch the umbilical cord, but the best part is that it can hear its mother’s heartbeat and even her breathing. What a mesmerising first-sound for the Foetus to hear!

The next three or four months pass by rapidly as the Foetus nears the end of development. From the day the doctor asks the parents to start a countdown until the baby is born, each day must feel like the longest and the shortest, and the day the baby finally comes into the world, a woman becomes a ‘mother’, who hears the best sound anyone could have made, the sound of her baby’s first cry, only to be replaced by its first giggle, then by its first word, and every word uttered by her child after that!

From an empty uterus to an embedded zygote, from free hands to getting to hold the baby for the first time, time truly flies, but the phenomena of making life, complicated yet mesmerising, hard yet worth it, is definitely one of the best things nature could have ever gifted humanity with!

Featured Image Courtesy – Today’s Parents


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