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NEP 2020 – India’s Powerful New Weapon

Written By Darshan M (Grade 10)

National Education Policy proposed in India is a milestone in the history of the education system in India. NEP 2020 is a step taken by the Union Cabinet to change and modernize our education system. After 34 years, India has changed its education policy earlier known as the National Policy of Education (NPE). This policy was approved and passed by the Cabinet on 29 July 2020 which aims to transform the education system. 

This policy was proposed with four main objectives – Access, Equity, Quality, and Accountability. This scheme mainly aims for Pre-Schooling and proper schooling years that is 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 years. This new policy helps children to practically understand the subject with the help of activities and experiments and focuses more on overall human and personality development. Karnataka was the first state in India to implement this policy in its curriculum followed by Madhya Pradesh.  

This Education policy ensures minimum basic education to all students during school education. Students instead of just mugging up concepts can understand through activities and can practical knowledge.

NEP 2020’s main motto is to universalize education to all students in Secondary School and Pre-School levels by the year 2030. If NEP is implemented efficiently all over India we can achieve a 100% Gross Enrolment Ratio and prevent girls from dropping out of school by 2030. NEP is planning to start a joint venture with HEL and IIT to open international campuses across the world. 

One of the objectives of the policy is to universalize education all over India and make India a global knowledge Superpower. The UAE, Australia, Mauritius, Cambridge, and many other counties and institutions are planning to implement India’s NEP in their countries and believe that NEP is one of the world’s largest educational reforms. After Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh implemented NEP many more states are drafting to adopt NEP.

In the previous education policy, the main objective was Access to Education but now the new policy proposes Quality Education. NEP aims to Design a framework and vision for both School education and Higher education. NEP 2020 also provides vocational training to children and helps them to structure their future and the skills needed. Students have an opportunity to expose themselves to real-world jobs, Vocational education will increase from 26.3% in 2018 to 50% by 2035. 

Featured Image Courtesy – Swarajya


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