Sunday, September 24, 2023

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Written By Mohit Modi (Grade 9)

Obsessive compulsive disorder is very common and more than 1 million cases have been found in India every year. It is also a very big problem as the other people get irritated by the cleanness and the unwanted thoughts about aggression, or sexual or religious subjects. I am addressing this mental health issue because I suffer from this disorder and many other people also do. 

People suffering from this disorder do not want to touch things others have touched and also get anxiety when objects aren’t placed a certain way. They also wonder if the lights are turned off or whether the door is locked etc. They get repetitive thoughts of doing things you really don’t want to do. I know a friend who has this problem and my aunt also has this problem. Once when I went to my aunt’s house to stay, first when I entered, she scolded me for dressing shabbily. She showed me the room to change and I changed in the bathroom. Usually, I see stuff left here and there but everything was so organized and symmetrical. I changed my clothes and kept them in the room.  My aunt and I ate dinner and then she washed the dishes and then kept it nicely, but she would not take the food if I served her and she gets an anxiety attack if the things are not kept in the right order without being properly dusted. I went with my aunt to the room where she saw the clothes kept without being folded and not in the cupboard so she got very angry and she slapped me. I cried and packed my clothes and left for home by taxi. When I reached home my mom saw me crying and coming home back before time. She asked me what happened I told her everything and she told me all about the disease. She also told me that she is working on it and she is visiting a doctor and also taking medicine. She has become better than before when she used to send people out of the house and not let them in.

Mental health is an important part of our well-being. The aspect of your welfare finds out how emotionally and socially you are among others. How much of a role your mental health plays in each aspect of your life, it’s important to guard and improve wellness using appropriate measures. Since different circumstances can affect your mental health. To be mentally fit we all should do exercise, eat and drink healthy and homemade food, meditate daily, focus on one thing at a time, incorporate a daily mindfulness break and self-care time, etc.

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