Monday, April 15, 2024

Oh river, it’s who we are!

Written By Maya Ameen (Grade 7)

With colors opposite, we start without a brace
A lot of blessing from our Almighty’s grace
To journey the world far and wide
I try to tell you a story that I confide

Pure and fresh, you flow a mile,
Making crops thrive
The ailing I help, Indus to Nile,
Getting humble yet alive

Dirt and dust, you collect alongway
Off they settle in the twilight
My journey has never been smooth anyway
Caring less of it, that’s alright

Slow or fast, you and I run
Fight or flight, I need no gun
Atlantic or Pacific, you make estuary
We always get job done necessary

Plastic, paper, lead, antimony
Many like to go behind penny
Humanity today, a great pantomime
Exploiting us, they fail time-to-time.

I am comparing myself with the river carrying the elixir of life and helping living beings.

As the icy white glaciers melt into a rapidly flowing river, I start my day with a perfect hair-do. I help the needy with my generous heart and complete my goals much like a river which journeys into the mighty ocean after a lot of struggle.

The river expects nothing in return yet we as humans keep polluting it. It is we who need to understand this grave mistake before it is too late.

Featured Image Courtesy – Freepik


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