Wednesday, December 6, 2023

One Nation, One Election

Written By Nischal Srinivasan (Grade 12)

The notion of One Nation, One Election is a concept being greatly debated in India. 

What is One Nation, One Election?

The idea of One Nation, One Election advocates for the synchronization of voting for both the Lok Sabha (the main Parliament of the country) and the state governments. At present, balloting takes place at varying times, creating many problems.

 Why Do Some People Want It?

The backbone of ONOE is to facilitate processes. At present, polls keep occurring across the nation on a constant basis. This makes it harder for the administration to concentrate on important tasks, like formulating new legislation and advancing the state. It is rather like attempting to concentrate on studies while a cacophonous celebration is going on just a wall apart!

What Are the Benefits?

If regular elections occur, our leaders frequently occupy themselves with campaigning and don’t focus enough on their responsibilities. ‘One Nation, One Election’ would enable them to prioritize attaining their objectives. 

Election expenditure is also considerable and can be vastly reduced if fewer ballots are held. Elections require a hefty presence of law enforcement and military personnel in order to ensure that everything go smoothly. Reducing the number of elections held would subsequently lessen the need for security personnel. 

Some politicians have a tendency to ‘hop’ from one party to another, in search of greater influence and authority. However, the implementation of ‘One Nation, One Election’ could hinder this practice and restrict their access to positions of power.

Frequent elections often lead to governments overly distributing benefits in the hope of gaining electoral support. By limiting the amount of elections, states could use resources more judiciously.

‘One Nation, One Election’ could streamline our electoral process while simultaneously saving funds, but there are certain obstacles that must be mulled over first. 

What if a government falls apart before its term is up? What would happen then?

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Nischal Srinivasan
Nischal Srinivasan
My name is Nischal Srinivasan and I have a great interest in writing poems and articles. I have also published a poem named Resonating Reflections in Amazon Kindle.


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