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One of the Seven Wonders – The Taj Mahal

Written By Darshan M (Grade 10)

A beautiful piece of architecture of white marble, built in Agra by order of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favourite wife, The Taj Mahal is a wonderful piece of Muslim art in India. Creating this masterpiece, took a time span of around 20 years, and the Taj Mahal is the outcome of the love and dedication of Emperor Shah Jahan towards his wife. Taj Mahal which is situated on the bank of the Yamuna river is evidence of true love which is in between the beauty of nature and the nature-friendly environment around it.

Relationships are like the Taj Mahal, everybody will admire it, but nobody can even think of how difficult it was to build it. Taj Mahal stands proud and firm as a symbol of love in front of the entire world. Taj Mahal is well known for its excellence in architectural beauty which comes among the 7 Wonders of the world 

The mogul Emperor Shah Jahan is said to have spent about 32 million rupees to build the Taj Mahal. If calculated that sum with today’s value, it would be close to 1 Billion USD. In 2007, people from all over the world voted for the Taj Mahal to be one of the new Seven Wonders of the world.        

Shah Jahan wanted the Taj Mahal to be a masterpiece, with no other monument to match it. He did not want anyone to recreate this monumental style so he supposedly gouged the hands and eyes of the craftsmen and artisans who built the Taj Mahal. The most amazing thing about visiting the Taj Mahal is that you can actually see it switching colours at different points of time in a day. At sunrise, Taj seems pale grey or pink, on the other hand glittering white at noontime. 

Visitors visiting the Taj Mahal come across a place to see the greatest lovers of all time resting next to each other. These cenotaphs had been built with precious stones and enclosed in a chamber to honour Shah Jahan and Mumtaz.

Featured Image Courtesy – Times of India


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