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Written By Ishaan Sarkar (Grade 5)

Origami is my bridge away from the real world and its problems because of its underlying simplicity, which produces complex designs. The joy of making origami is something unique that cannot be compared to anything else. For me, origami is the true meaning of art.

Origami is a Japanese technique that originates from the words oru or ori [fold] and kami [paper]. It is an art form whose pure form is found only in Japan and Korea, because unfortunately, all paper folding models are now called origami. Actually, the original art only consisted of paper folding and did not include any glue or cutting. It is very relaxing since it has no rules; you can be as creative as you want. The most common origami is Orizuru, or the paper crane, which was the only one made in the olden days. It was used on wedding cards as toys and decoration. It used to actually be considered a profession!

Now, here the question arises about the origami that does include cutting. This form of origami is called kirigami, with kiri meaning cutting and kami meaning paper. This was actually not a proper form of origami but was invented in the US. The name of the person who started kirigami is Florence Temko, who included it in her book “Kirigami, The Creative Art of Paper Cutting.”

There are also new types of origami, which are improvements. One such example is modular origami, which consists of a huge number of pieces of the same shape or structure made from origami paper and then pieced together to create an intricate object. One of my favourites is action origami, which can move, interact, and be so much fun to play with, keeping you wanting for more. There are even more, such as golden venture origami, wet folding origami, pureland origami, strip folding, and origami tessellations.

However, the popularity of the original origami is decreasing rapidly as modernisation yet again takes control over this as well. From a Pokéball to a ninja star, everything is known [and not in the right way] as origami. In fact, some ‘origamis’ do not even use the traditional square paper! But the fault is again ours, as we have the weakness of believing the first thing we hear or see. The master word to trigger this is ‘trend’. Once it starts, nothing can stop it except a new trend, which is probably worse than the former.

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