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Pav Bhaji – Taste of the North

Written By Prisha Patel (Grade 5)

The savory smell of the delicious street dish of the north attracts me. The mix of veggies, tasty curry and the spongy bread which is garnished with the spicy taste of onion and the yummylicious butter. This is the incredible Pav Bhaji – The delicacy of India.

The origin of this appetizing dish traces back to 1850’s at Mumbai. Furthermore, the amazing chef Sardar Ahmed started selling this dish about sixty years back in Tardeo, South Mumbai. Many also say that the making of Pav was inspired by the Portuguese who made bread rolls called Pao.

The uniqueness of this mouth watering food is very interesting. One fascinating fact is that the Pav Bhaji masala added in the curry can cure 5% out of 25% of people with anaemia. The masala helps to keep the sodium content and blood pressure at the right levels in our body. In addition, Pav Bhaji is made with 15+ spices and 10+ veggies. Surprisingly people love Pav Bhaji because it can be eaten as an appetiser, meal or a heavy dinner. Also it’s neither sweet nor bitter.

Pav Bhaji till date has been my favorite item to eat. Making my parents order Pav Bhaji for me has always been a habit which pleases me. The first time I tasted it was at my friend’s birthday party. I liked it so much that I wanted more and more despite it being spicy.

The thing I love in Pav Bhaji is its mix of spices and the tasty bread. Every time I eat Pav Bhaji, I am filled with satisfaction and pleasure. East or west Pav bhaji is the best!

Featured Image Courtesy – Wikipedia


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