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Sarla Thakur – India’s First Female Pilot

Written By Anvika Agrawal (Grade 6)

Everyone has a childhood dream to become someone. Mine is to become a pilot. I have chosen to write about Sarla Thukral as she was the first Indian female to become a pilot.

Sarla Thukral was born in Delhi, on 8th August, 1914 and died on 15th March, 2008. She got her aviation pilot licence in 1936 when she was twenty-one and flew a gypsy moth solo. She used to fly planes owned by the Lahore Flying Club. Her husband was P.D. Sharma. In her family she had nine pilots and they all encouraged her. Being the first Indian woman to fly a plane, she has also inspired many women to do so. At the time Sarla got her aviation licence, it was a very tough time for Indian women to get their basic rights and education. Sarla made a big impact on the society when she showed that women are capable of doing anything. She took a big step by becoming a pilot at a young age. When World War II began, Sarla joined the Mayo School of Arts where she trained in the Bengal School of Painting, obtaining a Diploma in Fine Arts.

After that Sarla was a painter and began designing clothes and costume jewellery. What inspires me the most is that she was very talented.

Featured Image Courtesy – Wikipedia


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