Monday, June 24, 2024

Save The Earth!

Written By Sumati Varma (Grade 9)

Help, I’m suffocating , 

You are destroying not creating. 

Destroying my beautiful Mother Earth, 

Do you even know what she is worth? 

Her lucid waters you pollute, 

Her beneficent animals you shoot. 

You tear her apart bit by bit,

Please I’m begging you, just quit. 

Quit your cruel ways, 

Global warming isn’t just a phase. I

 don’t need new phones or shoes, 

But just for this materialistic bomb of yours to diffuse.

Featured Image Courtesy – Pinterest

Sumati Varma
Sumati Varma
Hi, I’m Sumati Varma and I’m a 14 year old ambivert. I have a soft spot when it comes to art, especially poetry and highly respect authors. My poetry usually comes from the darker, deeper aspect of life. My thought process and writings come from people who are suffering or are in pain but can’t find the words to express themselves. So I thought maybe I can do it for them.


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