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Sheetla Devi

Written By Hitaansi Chetaani (Grade 9)

On 27th October 2023 an unimaginable miracle took place on the grounds of the archery competition of the Asian Paralympics. Sheetla Devi the Indian Paralympic archer won the gold medal (1st position) in the sport. She inspires me to a great extent, because being a person deprived of hands winning in the sport of arrow is miraculous.

Sheetla Devi is from a very humble rural background. She has spent her life in poverty along with the burning aspiration of being a Paralympian.

One thing that separates her from the crowd is her burning desire of overcoming her drawbacks and winning admiration in such a way the people never see that she was especially abled. The one achievement that made me write on her was the remarkable way of shooting arrows from her bow without upper limbs. She has inspired her village people to let their daughters break the glass ceiling and go out and create their identity. Every girl in her village now thinks ‘if she can do it, I can do it.’  In a way I aspire to be like her by gaining excellence and achieving something extraordinary in my field.

Featured Image Courtesy – The Bridge

Hitaansi Chetaani
Hitaansi Chetaani
I am a young writer and a confident individual. I love writing because it gives me inner satisfaction. Every time I write an article I hope to bring a positive change in society. My writings will only be of worth when a reader has a smile on reading them.


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