Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Smiling Can Change Our Lives

Written By Karishma K (Grade 9)

What is the most pleasing five-lettered word for anyone? Maybe money? When one has to pay income tax then is money still the most pleasing? The most pleasing five-lettered word is smile.

Of course, every one of us smiles. But none of us laugh at the same joke again. When the same joke is repeated, we think is there something wrong with the person who’s repeating the joke? What is he/she saying? If we don’t laugh at the same joke again then why do we cry over the same problem again? We don’t laugh at the same joke again but we keep on crying about the same problems again and again. Problems will keep coming. A funeral pyre kills a person once but anxiety kills someone in every moment of their life. It kills our present and our life.

Our life is a journey, a journey is not always very smooth. We will have many problems and challenges to face. None of us knows why we face problems, none of us knows when a problem will come in front of us and therefore at that point when we face a problem all we do is cry, this is because we don’t understand why all this happens to us. Maybe it is God’s plan. Therefore, it is probably better to smile through the crisis, because it will have a positive outcome.

Radhanath Swami, once said “Do not take this material world so seriously because it is always changing. Something terrible that you take so seriously is going to change tomorrow”.

Always think there is something positive going to happen after facing the problem and I am sure all of us will find it easier to face the challenges in life. Any challenge we take up in life, we should try to accomplish it with a smile instead of worrying and crying about the problem.

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Karishma K
Karishma K
I love to read books and listen to music during my leisure time. I really like taking part in sports and I am interested in writing articles.


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