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Starry Night’s Influence on Video Games: A Cosmic Connection

Written by Utkarsh Singh Patel (Grade 8)

The “Starry Night” work from the Vincent van Gogh’s collection embodies the image of the night sky taken from the point of view of an artist and filled with sparkling stars and a pale moon. Despite mainly being honored in the field of visual art, its impact felt on a larger scale, even beyond the traditional confine, with gaming being the main point of conversation. This essay is going to illustrate the extreme ways in which “Starry Night” painting of van Gogh, has influenced the aesthetics, themes and the emotional facets of video games in ways that one may never have imagined.

The video games that have been influenced by “Starry Night” should be evaluated in connection with its unique visual style. The dynamic motif of circular brushstrokes and the bizarre nuance of the color palette form a captivating portrayal of the dark sky and a feeling of movement and spaciousness. This singular aesthetic has been embraced by video game creators to conjure up a captivating look for their video games, the same as that of nature and to deliver an enchanting experience. Games such as “Journey” and “Gris” implement a carnival art style that is similar to the technique in applying vivid van Gogh’s lines and rich colors. Their creation results in immersive environments that evoke players’ emotions on a deep level.

Along with that, “Starry Night” becomes the source of inspiration for video game developers who are trying to give their creations an aura of a true mystery and fascination. The celestial bodies and cosmical phenomena, represented in the painting, are best-encompassed in the mind of the viewer, while he looks at the picture and wonders at the size of the Universe and his place at the scene. This theme of cosmic discoveries is similarly experienced by many other games including “No Man’s Sky” and “Outer Wilds” where players go on their own epic journeys to distant galaxies, when they observe incredible landscapes with discoveries of what the entire cosmos is made of. Additionally, vacationing “Starry Nights” brings excitement to participants as they discover the wonders of the universe, helping them become as curious and bold as the hero that inspired it.
Moreover, still the story “Starry Night” has impacted the creation of narratives of video games, particularly in the field of story telling and creating a character. The artist’s rendition of a quiet village placed under the blanket of stars endows it with the feel of distance and seclusion, associated with sadness and also reflection on a lack of a connection with the nearest one. The same empathetic emotional testimony is characterized in “To The Moon” and “Night in the Woods”, as players embark on a journey to learn and help heroes who are dealing with deep life-changing transition. Through drawing inspiration of visual mind-blowing works of van Gogh, the games convey the feelings of love, bereavement, and connections between people and this way, players have way to start contemplation on their life situations and to relate to the life story of their virtual please.
Another case in point of this issue is creating video games due to the “Starry Night” picture which gives the environment where it is possible to stretch the limits of technology in between art and animation. The painting’s original approach in the use of texture and perspective is the foundation of game environment designing where developers gets ideas to experiment with unconventional visuals, incorporating them in the medium in search for creativity. There is a trend in games like “The Witness” and “Monument Valley”, where the landscape that has been distorted by Van Gogh and mind-bending puzzles that are derived from a dreamlike imagery give players a new way to perceive the world and reality.
Furthermore, “Starry Night” influences the visual and content creation, and also engage in video game soundtracks by composers who are stimulated by its evocative ambience to produce inspiring audio experiences. Paintings by Lewis that have a tranquil sky as a theme probably motivated music composers to develop sounds of ambiance and ethereal tunes that when placed in game world settings, being harmonious to the atmosphere and building of it as well. An example of this type would be “Journey” and “Celeste” that have soundtracks that creates the wonder and thoughtfulness feelings found in van Gogh’s art, which deepen the emotional effects.

In summary, “Starry Night” has had profound influence on the world of video games, and attracted developers to create interactive simulations which revive the feelings and emotions presented in van Goh’s famous artwork. Starting with its distinctive visuals, entering the theme and the way these themes stir emotions in players, up to the audio and musical background, the artwork directly serves as a creative inspiration for graphics artists, narration specialists, and those behind sound design and music. “Starry Night” symbolizes such an inspiration and power of the creative art that goes beyond the frontiers to connect people to the universe. Such art grew from the times when videogames were not yet popular to the modern era, where movies are being released every month.

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