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Sunset Jog

Written By Mahi Parui (Grade 8)

It was a fine Sunday evening and I was sitting bored and lazy by my window, thinking about what I could do to pass my time. To rid myself of my laziness, I decided to go for a pleasant jog. As a Mumbaikar, I knew that it wasn’t easy to find an empty track to run, but as jogging was what I did very regularly, I knew that Aarey Colony was the place for me. I dressed up in comfortable trousers and a t-shirt with reflectors on them. I wore shoes that had reflectors too and set out to jog, not listening to the warnings that my mother gave me.

I was pleased to see the lush green trees of the ‘Lungs of Mumbai’ welcome me amidst their beauty. I started running. Even though it had begun to grow dark, vehicles still passed through the forests. Despite the many reflectors that I had worn, some of the vehicles just missed me by a few centimetres. One of the bikes came so close to me and with so much speed, that I stumbled and felt my foot fall into something warm. I realised that my foot had fallen into a mound of cow dung. It was disgusting. As I walked a little way ahead, I saw a tube well. I was so relieved as I had seen how to make it work, (in movies) and I could wash my shoes in the water. It turned out to be more difficult than I had expected it to be. It kept stopping the moment I ran ahead to wash my feet. In the effort, I not only wet my shoes, but I drenched my trousers and t-shirt too!

Disgusted as I was, I decided to abandon my little adventure and return home. As I walked back, I remembered the warning that my mother had given me, about the vehicles and mainly the cheetahs. Walking two steps ahead, I saw a pair of gleaming eyes staring at me through the darkness. It was a cheetah! I was petrified and did not know whether to move away from it in the opposite direction or towards my house, so I stayed glued on the spot. But when it started walking towards me as if wanting to make me its prey, I screamed and started running away, deeper into the forest, but the cheetah followed. I had run only for a while when I tripped and fell and then I knew that I was done for.

As I turned, I saw the ‘the cheetah’ leap and land on my chest and it started licking my face. It had been a dog all along! I pushed it away and ran back home. I decided that I would never go jogging after sunset again!

Featured Image Courtesy – Wikimedia

Mahi Parui
Mahi Parui
My name is Mahi Parui and I am 13 years old. Music and reading is what I love to do in almost all of my free time. Playing basketball and other outdoor games have always been something I look forward to. I am well versed with two instruments, the harmonium and the guitar. Be sure to check out a few of my essays.


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