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Tanjore Art

Written by Chitineni Abhiram (Grade 6)

Art is the stored honey of the human soul. India is the land of rich culture and heritage. It has long standing tradition of artistic expression flourishing in the country since ancient times. Indian art consists of variety of art forms including painting, sculpture, dance and music. The history of painting can be traced through the ancient and medieval periods.

Indian art reflects the country’s rich history and diverse culture. It showcases the creative skills and talent of the Indian artists and serves as a record of country’s traditions and values. Of all the Art forms Tanjore art is my favorite art. Tanjavur or Tanjore art is a rich and vibrant type of art. This art is native of Tamil Nadu. It is believed that Tanjore art was created in the 17th Century during the reign of the Maratha ruler King Sarabhoji. This art form blended indigenous techniques with influences from the Deccan, Vijayanagara and Maratha Art traditions. These paintings adorned the temple walls and palaces. They prominently focus on the themes of Hindu mythology and spirituality. Scenes from the epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata, figures of deities such as Krishna, Shiva and Vishnu and Ganesha are common subjects. One of the defining features of Tanjore Paintings is the use of rich and vibrant colours, often made from natural pigments, stones and minerals. The process involves multi colors layering where gold leaves foils are placed beneath glass to create luminous effect. These paintings not only serve as a visual delight but also as historical documents that encapsulate the socio-economic ethos of the region.

This unique art form is preserved by artists with great passion. I am inspired by the works of the great Tanjore artists like Mr. Sripathi and Mr. Chakrapani. They have contributed significantly to the national South Indian Tanjore art. They actively participate in marketing events and conduct exhibitions where their art pieces are displayed. The Radha Krishna Tanjore painting bought by my grandfather is my personal favorite. I am mesmerised by the deities’ beautiful faces, the vibrant colour combinations he used, the intricate decorations which enhanced the beauty of the painting. Slowly, I developed my passion by doing pencil sketches to begin with. My work was appreciated by everyone. After identifying my interests in painting, my parents enrolled me in art institution where I received professional training. My teachers molded my skills.

Art is a true friend of mine. It transformed my personality. I became very optimistic and tried to understand the world better. I experience peace of mind and a composed mindset while painting. I love to experiment with different colour combinations and started to love myself more. My respect for nature and Mother Earth became evident. My days are more joyful now. Art substituted long hours of screen time. Having developed more lively skills, I am able to actively participate in various competitions and was lucky to win many prizes. My parents are very proud of me. I get emotionally connected to all my paintings and can stare at them happily for hours together. Art is the most valuable gift of my life. I promise that, I will give my best efforts in improving my skill.

Featured Image Courtesy – Ethnic Tanjore Arts


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