Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tensions Between Russia and Ukraine

Written By Prisha Jain (Grade 6)

We all know of one of the most powerful countries on the planet. This country is the biggest in terms of size. That’s right! I am talking about Russia. A country that shares borders with 14 countries. A country with the world’s coldest city (Oymyakon), located in it. A country that started World War I. This country is known for many things big and small. 

But what is happening right now has attracted the attention of many. The tension between Ukraine and Russia. The tension is now at the brink of creating a world war, the third World War. But why would a country like Russia powerful and wealthy, want to attack and capture another country. That too, when so much is at stake. In the past two world wars, many countries have suffered, even if they are innocent. If another world war starts it could be endgame for humanity.

The main question is why is Russia creating tension. I think that Russia is creating tension because it wants more power. It is Russia’s mentality. But then why has Russia not attacked yet? It is because Ukraine is under the protection of the USA and indirectly under the protection of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization /North Atlantic Alliance). NATO consists of thirty of the world’s most powerful countries. They protect each other. All members sign a treaty. I think that even Russia knows it would be imprudent to make so many powerful enemies just to attack one country.

How could this cause a world war? For starters, attacking Ukraine would lead to the USA entering the battle, and if China decides to add fuel to the fire. That will be all we need for a world war. Once the world war starts there is no going back or resetting time. If it starts countries will have to be involved by choice or by no choice. They will have to take sides. Even the countries unwilling to fight will have to. So will the underdeveloped countries. Basic things like importing goods or exporting them. Taking resources and selling them will cause countries to take sides. A third world war will wreak havoc in the world. It will all carry along the Holocene extinction (extinction of humans, caused by humans) at a very fast pace. 

We have all seen end results of world wars, and I daresay that this one will certainly be more severe if it happens. Due to the pandemic, many economies have weakened. If this world war happens, it certainly will leave a ginormous mark on humanity. So I definitely think that this world war should be avoided. 

Featured Image Courtesy – Financial Times

Prisha Jain
Prisha Jain
Hi, I am Prisha. I am 10 years old. I live in Mumbai. I am avid reader and I love to write. I started writing last year. I study in the school V.C.W Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (E). I study in grade 5. Besides reading and writing, I like painting and drawing.


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