Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Thank you, Joe!

Written By Riva Agarwal (Grade 10)

City after city falling 
Kabul! Taliban’s calling
With Afghanistan’s prime minister running
isn’t the win just stunning?

With the arsenal of a country
Biden’s mistake making him grumpy.
People falling from the skies, 
Biden, will you ignore these cries?

Women, you must not read
for if you will, you will plant our failure’s seed.
Sex slaves you must be, 
because women don’t deserve to be free. 

To celebrate our victory, we open fire on citizens
and the gays, even Allah won’t save them. 
Kill them all, make them militants,
Use the guns, live in violence. 

Help Pakistan capture Kashmir, please!
Begs Imran Khan, who put his house on rent?
‘For marriages, my citizens, use my home’
Because your prime minister is so poor, tomorrow he’ll ask for a loan!

What a joke, Taliban views him as
For we bomb US personnel outside the airports,
and oh wait did you realize our love for aircraft?
Could you see that when we hung the little boy on a helicopter?
How beautifully he waved around, 
How beautiful the chaos was? 

Thank you, Biden,
We would have to cry without you then,
Now Afghanistan we control,
but someday it will be the USA under our patrol. 

Featured Image Courtesy – Financial Express


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